Viral Video Shows Antioch High Students Surprising Classmate With Gift

A touching video that shows students from Antioch High School helping a classmate went viral this weekend, with scores of online commenters commending the teens for their kindness. 

It happened after Shawna Cantiliano, a junior at the school, saw a message on a whiteboard from one of her classmates. The note begged whoever stole the student’s cherished Nintendo 3DS, a gift from his grandmother, to return it. 

“I felt bad when I saw the whiteboard, Cantiliano said. “I thought, “I always see that kid playing on his DS, just ignoring all of his bullies and in his own little world. I just wanted to help.” 

Cantiliano decided to act. Along with her friend Piper Stowe, the pair decided to raise money to buy the shy sophomore a new one. The devices retail for about $200.

“I wanted to give him a little hope in humanity,” Cantiliano said. “Basically, none of my siblings have had ideal high school experiences. I saw myself and my family in him, and I felt like if someone ever did something like that for me, it might give me the hope that I need to continue. I just wanted him to not give up,” she said. 

Cantiliano and Stowe snuck into the student’s class to surprise him with the new console last Wednesday. She said she couldn’t have done it without the help of her peers and history teacher, who helped organize the gift unveiling. 

“[The student] broke down crying and hugged me so tight,” Cantiliano said. “It was such a good feeling.” 

A video of the gift unveiling has garnered thousands of shares and likes since last Wednesday. 

“Just be kind to one another,” wrote one commenter. “It's a simple act that goes a long way.” 

Watch the full video above. 

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