Volcano Wipes Out San Francisco Rock Show

Bay Lieutenant forced to cancel Bay Area appearance after being grounded in England


A volcanic eruption in Iceland is now interrupting the Bay Area's social calendar.

Wednesday a volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull (that's seriously how it's spelled) glacier erupted, sending a plume of smoke as high as 36,000 feet and canceling flights across the globe. Officials said the volcano's smoke and ashes pose a threat to aircraft pilot's visibility and it could cause aircraft engines to shut down.

Flights between San Francisco and Europe were canceled Wednesday and grounded in the haze were the boys of Bad Lieutenant.

The England-based rockers had to cancel the launch of a US tour Thursday in San Francisco because they couldn't fly out of their home country.

"They were able to get last-minute bookings for tomorrow on a flight that would have put them into San Francisco late in the day; but just moments ago, American Airlines announced that that flight has also been canceled," GoldenVoice, the show's promoters, said in a statement.

The band's managers said they will do everything they can to keep their other American dates but San Francisco fans will have their money refunded.

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