VTA Yard Shooting

Crews Start Demolishing Building at Site of Deadly VTA Yard Shooting

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Crews on Wednesday started demolishing the building where most of the victims in last year's VTA yard shooting in San Jose were killed.

Crews used heavy machinery to knock down Building B, which is where six of the nine victims lost their lives when a VTA employee opened fire last May before killing himself.

The goal of the demolition is to remove what many see as a constant reminder of a horrible tragedy.

Cindy Chavez, a Santa Clara County supervisor and VTA board member, said many people felt keeping the building up was too painful.

"Many employees wanted that whole facility to look and feel differently," she said. "They wanted to come back to something fresh. Building B is a building that we lost six lives in. This is really in response to a majority of our employees saying it's time. They wanted to see that building gone."

Several VTA employees who survived credit coworker Taptejdeep Singh for saving their lives because he called and warned them that there was an active shooter in Building B. Singh was later killed.

With Building B coming down, there are plans to build something to remember Singh and the eight others who were killed.

"Very long-term, I'm hoping that the redesign of that facility will both include a monument but also make it more functional for the work and safer for the work that happens there now," Chavez said.

VTA said the overall goal is to help employees heal.

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