Warranty Expires in the Middle of Repair Request


This case is all about timing.

Nancy Yao from Milpitas says her new 55-inch HDTV started giving her trouble just before Costco’s 2-year warranty ran out.

She says she called for service but wasn’t getting anywhere. And, in the middle of trying, the warranty ran out.

When she contacted us, she wrote, "I contacted Costco’s technical support help line and store managers numerous times, and found myself being handed off from one department to the other to resolve the matter."

We reached out to Costco, and it quickly agreed to a full refund. Yao received $689 to buy a new TV.

In a statement, Costco explained the situation.

"We do what is right by our member," the warehouse store said. "And considering the time of year and that she may have been calling the wrong number during the holidays, we are giving her the benefit of the doubt. She was only a few weeks past the 2-year [mark] when she made contact."

One more note about TVs and warranties: We have noticed that some new TVs offer extended warranties – with a twist, that is. Some manufacturers now require customers to register their set before being given the extra protection.

We know many buyers bypass the registration process. But registering might be in your best interest.

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