VIDEO: Water Spout Spotted Off Ocean Beach

You can add water spout to the list of wild weather events seen here in the Bay Area Friday.

The tornado on the water was captured on video off Ocean Beach in San Francisco by Rick Gutierrez. He posted it on YouTube with a caption that explained it was taken Friday at 9:24 a.m. "I was looking outside my window. There was a very dark cloud and there it was," Gutierrez  wrote.

NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren said the event would need to be officially verified by the National Weather Service, but that it looked like the real deal. Loren said a water spout is a tornado that touches the water.  She spoke with Gutierrez on the phone and he said that he wasn't frightened because the spout was far enough away. He said he did have a plan to go under his porch if the funnel cloud moved on shore. More insight on the event with Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri.

An EF1 tornado caused real damage in the North Bay. A roof off of a landscaping business came off of the building and quickly slammed onto a nearby street. The NWS tornado declaration was a rare event in the Bay Area.
The National Weather Service also issued a rare tornado warning for San Mateo County that lasted from 11:02 to 11:30 a.m.  No funnel clouds or tornadoes were spotted.
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