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‘We Lost the Election and Now We Are Losing Business': Oakland, Business Owners Brace for Inauguration Protests

Oakland city officials and business owners are bracing for a wave of protests on Friday.

Local demonstrators have called for a general strike to coincide with President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

Oakland has seen protests turn violent in the past, including demonstrations for Occupy Oakland, Black Lives Matter and Election Day.

On Election Day, protesters covered Boyd Patterson's business on Broadway Street in graffiti and destroyed windows.

Patterson, who owns Frin Graphics, is afraid his business will be hit again on Friday. He already has spent $1,400 to replace broken windows.

"We didn't even vote for Trump, but we are getting punished for him being in office," Patterson said.

City spokesperson Karen Boyd said officials will activate their emergency operation center to monitor the protests. All police officers will be on duty to manage the expected crowds.

"We've been preparing since Election Day," Boyd said.

In addition, all public garbage cans are being removed.

"The main thing that we've seen with some of the large spontaneous protests is a lot of garbage can fires," Boyd said.

The largest crowds are expected Saturday for one of the many planned women's marches.

Organizer Alison Mata said volunteers are working with police and local businesses to keep their event peaceful.

"We really want people to come to stand together," Mata said.

Still, Patterson is not taking any chances and will close up shop for the next two days.

"We lost the election and now we are losing business," he said.

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