What Bubble? Tech at Twice Dot-Com Level, “Still Growing”

There are almost twice as many tech jobs in San Francisco now than in 2001.

Tech rules everything around us -- and is soon to take over what's left, too.

Tech firms continue to grow at unprecedented rates, according to the San Francisco Business Times, which notes that 85 percent of "all the demand for new office space" is coming from a tech sector that continues to swell to well beyond its dotcom-1.0 levels.

There are now almost twice as many jobs in tech today than there were at the peak of the first dotcom boom, according to the newspaper, with the major power players firms that didn't exist or didn't matter back then.

Tech job growth clocked in at 17 percent from last year to this, compared to under 5 percent job growth for other sectors, the newspaper reported.

Demand for skilled IT professionals is high: the unemployment rate for software engineers is about 2 percent, the newspaper reported, with starting salaries for educated workers well over $100,000 a year.

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