Will Clark, Matt Williams Reflect on 1989 Quake

Decades later, San Francisco Giants players and coaches still have vivid and indellible memories of the 6.9-magnitude Oct. 17, 1989 quake that rocked the Bay Area.

In this video (in the player above) produced by Giants Clubhouse back in 2009, former Giants stars Matt Williams and Will Clark, skipper Roger Craig and broadcasters Joe Morgan and Mike Krukow revisit the moment the World Series stopped.

“The asphalt was just rolling under your feet,” recalled Criag.

“Willie {Mays) and I were just looking at each other, and Willie in his high-pitched voice says, ‘Let’s get out of here!’” said Morgan.

“I looked into the outfield down the left field line and down the right field line and saw the dust falling from the upper deck,” said Williams. “And then I got scared. Not for me, but for my family.”

“As soon as I looked up I could see the light towers going 'wham,'" recalled Clark. "I was like this is not good."

You can watch the full story in the video player at the top of this page.

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