Will IPhone Make Payments Or Not?

iPhone users are used to wafting their devices at people -- especially those that don't have an iPhone and who desperately need converted. The coming Version 5 of the iPhone may be able to make retail payments by waving it at a pay station, as well. Or maybe not.

According to Forbes' Elizabeth Woyke, she has a source saying "the iPhone 5 *will* have NFC ... according to his friend who works at Apple."

We love the 'heard it through the grapevine' sourcing, but that's the nature of rumor-reporting on Apple's product pipeline.

The (London) Independent reported on March 14 that iPhone 5 will not have NFC. Google has built the capability into Android, too.

While keeping pace is not the norm for Apple, as it usually leads, it would seem like "duh, winning" that The 5 will have the invisible-pay option.

Keep on wafting, wafters.

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