Steve Jobs Could Appear at Apple's iPhone Event

With Apple set to unveil the latest version of its iPhone next week, the web is ripe with speculation about whether Steve Jobs will attend.

It is all but confirmed that new CEO Tim Cook will be the keynote speaker at the small press event on Apple's campus but many are speculating that Jobs may still make an appearance in person or on video.

But if the company is really trying to move out of Jobs' shadow, would it be the wisest decision to bring him at its first major event since he officially stepped down as CEO?

It wouldn't be without precedent. When the iPad 2 was unveiled, Jobs didn't let his medical leave get in the way of him being the person to introduce the tablet to the world.

Perhaps life in retirement -- which Jobs technically is not since he is still on the payroll, according to an 8-K filing -- is different than life on medical leave.

Just in case Jobs does not make an appearance there is still plenty of quotable material from the charismatic tech leader.

So much so in fact that a new 160-page book will be released in November filled with Jobs' quotes from interviews, public appearances and his own writings.

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