Will Your Gadget Make It To The Store?

Shortage of parts may affect Christmas presents

It's just about holiday time. We'll huddle together as families, planning our list of gifts, working out where to gather together and praying that the supply chain doesn't fail.

What, you say? Supply chain not on your list of holiday worries?

Well, it should be.

Experts tell us that the chain, which determines if your next gadget will have all of its necessary parts, is threatened right now as we head towards the holidays.

Because of supply chain concerns, the parts that go into electronic devices are especially vulnerable now, and that means many computers, TVs, and phones might not make it to store shelves on time.

As it happens, one analyst tells us that Apple is likely to be immune from such supply chain concerns.

That company, he says, is so tightly and efficiently run, that they know just how many parts to get, and just how many iPods and iPads they expect to stock.

For the rest of the tech world, it's a bit of a guessing game.

Best advice? Pretend that you're shopping for Hanukkah, whether you're Jewish or not.

That way, you'll get a head start, and a more likely shot at this year's must-have tech toy.

Hanukkah comes really, really early this year.  Scott is on Twitter @scottbudman
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