Stephen Ellison

SJ's Willow Glen Residents Vent at Neighborhood Watch Meeting

What was supposed to be a small Neighborhood Watch session with the San Jose Police Department turned into a heated community meeting Thursday evening for residents in willow Glen.

The residents said they’re fed up with a crime wave that has engulfed their neighborhood. They said they feel like they’re under attack.

Last week, a carjacking and a neighborhood lockdown were the latest incidents in a rash of crimes in the Willow Glen neighborhood and prompted many neighbors to realize they’ve had enough. They went to Thursday's meeting looking for answers from police and to vent their concerns.

"There’s a lot of frustration and anger in there, and I’m right there with them because it’s super scary to live in a neighborhood and feel like you’re under siege," said Diana, a Willow Glen resident.

Some residents voiced concerns about police response times when they call 911. Others encouraged their fellow neighbors to get organized and get to know each other.

"What we found in our neighborhood is that the absolute best thing we can do is get to know our neighbors," resident Sandy Payne said.

After last week's carjacking, several residents say they need to do more to help their streets become safe again. That includes helping track down suspect information when a crime happens.

"I think there’s quite a few people in the neighborhood that do have security cameras," Neil Jack said. "I have a few."

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