Woman's Dash Cam Captures Man Throwing Pipe at Her Windshield on I-80 in Fairfield

A Northern California woman is thankful she’s still in one piece after somebody threw a dangerous object at her car on the freeway Sunday morning.

The entire incident was captured on video.

Dash cam footage from the vehicle of Katie Nichols shows the impact, and in the video a man can be seen on the side of the Interstate 80 who throws what appears to be a metal pipe at her.

"Shocking is the best way to say it," Nichols said, describing her reaction. "I didn’t know what had happened. It shattered my windshield and sprayed glass at my face and in my car, and I was shocked."

Nichols said she thought she’d been hit by a rock, but when she got home to Chico and slowed down her dash cam video, she saw the object appeared to be a metal pipe with a rope or cable attached.

"I was pretty horrified, and I was saddened that somebody would be so reckless with other people’s lives," Nichols said.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol’s Solano County Division said the man could have easily hurt or even killed somebody or caused an accident. They’re hoping somebody steps forward with information.

"It’s definitely a disturbing video," CHP Officer David Harvey said. "It would be nice if we had further video or witnesses who can identify the person who threw the object."

Nichols said she’s grateful she wasn’t hurt but worries the man could strike again.

"Why would you do that?" she said. "Why would you intentionally try to cause an accident or hurt someone by throwing something into the freeway?"

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