An Escape Room Visits the Gold Rush

The limited-time escape room experience in Old Sacramento challenges players to figure out a number of time-dependent puzzles.

Sacramento History Alliance

THE GOLD RUSH, we can all agree, based on the facts, history, personal accounts, and everything else, lasted substantially longer than an hour. But a new escape room designed to pay homage to that time period, Escape the Sacramento Gold Rush, does happen to be an hour in length, but oh, what a challenging, brain-teasing 60 minutes. For like all escape rooms nowadays, participants will be called upon to "... solve a series of intriguing puzzles and riddles..." thanks to provided clues and hints, which may not be all that easy or instantly de-tangle-able. That's why getting your history-loving, adventure-seeking, game-minded pals together for an hour of laughs, some brow sweat, and time spent at the new experience is essential, so you don't have to ferret out the solutions on your own. The limited-time experience, which debuts on March 22, will conclude on April 14, 2018. That's longer than an hour, yes, but still far shorter than the Gold Rush itself, so you'll want to make plans ASAP to visit, especially if you're an escape room aficionado.

THINK FAST: "Escape room players find themselves at the height of the Gold Rush with disaster about to strike..." is the set-up, and "a series of multi-linear independent puzzles" will eventually lead participants to victory, fingers crossed. The recommended age is eight and up, and the cost is $28 per player, which goes to supporting the Sacramento History Alliance and the Sacramento History Museum. Two to ten players can attempt an escape, and, if you're especially crafty, you may find your way out before an hour is up, though an hour is the ultimate limit. Joining the Sacramento History Alliance on this pop-up fun time? It's Shipwreck Entertainment. The place to find it? Old Sacramento, of course, at an underground location at 900 Second Street, Suite H. If you dig thorny challenges and Gold Rush flavor, this could be just your thing, but, as mentioned, best not dally: It'll be over and gone in a matter of weeks. 

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