Arts Celebration: April in Santa Cruz

Eclectic tunes and new music rule the S.C. springtime.

Kristianna Smith

NEW SEASON, NEW MUSIC: It's always funny how literally the phrase "spring cleaning" can be taken. Yes, we probably all should take broom to floor and cloth the window, but it is also the time of year for clearing out whatever is stuck metaphorically in the corners of our lives and minds. (Not to get instantly deep, but, you know, springtime turns everyone into an instant deep thinker.) An experimental, avant garde music festival devoted to fresh soundways and musicians making new sounds -- literally new sounds -- is the perfect match for the month of April. And April in Santa Cruz, which is all about celebrating those thinkers who are taking aural vibrations and turning them into fresh patterns and rhythms, is perfectly scheduled. Set to run throughout the month at UC Santa Cruz, April in Santa Cruz will welcome artists and acts from as close as San Francisco to very faraway, too. Their commonalities? Talent and calling to create a whole new soundset of vibes and songs and voices and music.

ON THE SCHEDULE: Borromeo String Quartet will take on a few works including Hi Kyung Kim's "Thousand Gates" -- that's on Friday, April 5. Ensemble Pamplemousse from New York play on Friday, April 12, and Yarn/Wire -- also from New York -- will premiere a few new works, including one from Paul Nauert of Santa Cruz.

MORE ARTS AHEAD: Santa Cruz has more art-loving happenings ahead. The Fringe Festival is expected back in July, while the annual film festival is set to unspool in November.

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