AutoCamp: Reserve and Help the Fire Relief

The Sonoma County trailer-cool getaway is helping out in a multiple ways.

HOSPITALITY COMMUNITY HELPS OUT: One of the heart-comforting stories emerging since the devastating October 2017 fires began in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties is how the lodging industry of the region, and those hotels that are close by, have reached out to help those who immediately need a bed for the night, quickly, without a lot of hoops to jump through. AutoCamp Russian River, a Sonoma County stay known for its stylish Airstream trailers and picturesque outdoor areas, has stepped up with the offer of "reduced rates" for "...those in need of shelter" due to the fires. But the glamping destination is going further by bringing those not seeking shelter, and who want to aid the recovery, into the fundraising fold.

HOW TO JOIN THAT FOLD? Just book a reservation during October at the rustic-chic getaway, for starters. Next step: AutoCamp will donate $50 to The Sonoma County Resilience Fund, with the vow to "...donate up to $20,000 as part of this pledge." The minimum donation? It's $10,000. You can play a part in this important gesture now, by booking a trailer at the peaceful location. Planning on calling upon SoCo anyway soon? This could be a way to both secure an overnight stop and help out the fund. Or you can donate directly to The Sonoma County Resilience Fund, if a Russian River visit isn't in your immediate plans, or of course, if you want to do both.

FOR MORE INFORMATION... on the give-back glamping spot, and how to participate, click.

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