Bask in Oodles of Mid-century Marvels, in Palm Springs

Modernism Week returns with several days of tours, talks, art events, cool cocktail meet-ups, and vintage trailers, too.

Modernism Week

SOME PEOPLE CALL OUT YEARS... when driving down any architecturally interesting street. They're not random years, or even years from centuries long ago, that are being shouted. Rather, you're likely to hear your architect-obsessed friend say "1956" or "1960" or "1964... no, '65" when driving down a lane loaded with structures of the space-aged variety. For mid-century buildings do abound in the certain quarters of the Golden State, and very, very much so in Palm Springs. The desert resort city is an open-air museum of mid-century wonders, a large-scale study in what happens when numerous buildings are given room to stand, shine, and be thoroughly saved from various wrecking balls over several decades. And...

MODERNISM WEEK, the mega, everything-mid-century spectacular that pops up each February (and, more briefly but still beautifully, in October), is just the event to celebrate all of this and more. And there's a lot of "more" at Modernism Week, thanks to the multi-event happening filling out eleven days. The 2019 dates are Feb. 14 through the 24th, and to-dos include a look at Uptown Palm Springs, house tours aplenty (the Cree House is on the schedule), a peek at the famous Movie Colony (Frank Sinatra's old stomping grounds), an Aqualillies synchronized swimming show, the Modernism Show & Sale, a weekend devoted to snazzy vintage trailers, and so many informative bus tours. There are already sold-out events, keep in mind, but plenty of tickets remain for other goings-on. 

HOW TO START? Don your most jet-set-y '60s-era suit, put a favorite vinyl platter on the hi-fi, and start perusing what's up 'round the Springs now, during one of its most fabulous festivities.

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