Brut-camp: Work Out at Domaine Carneros

Get your heart rate up, and exercise on, in Napa Valley.

WORKOUT WITH A VIEW: Bootcamps can land, with a joyful grunt and an adrenaline-packed oof, in most any spot that affords the room to do some push-ups and some sit-ups and a few sweat-inducing dashes. Wait, did we say a few? We meant "many," of course, since we're talking about bootcamp here. And while some participants may claim to be fully in the zone, and not aware if they're doing those push-ups under a beautiful tree or not, most bootcampers are up for some bucolic surroundings and inspiring vistas, the kind of sights that compel a person to strive just a little harder for maximum achievement. Enter Brut-camp, a new bootcamp high-knee-ing it into Napa Valley.

VINEYARD PUMPED: If you're guessing the "brut" part of the name has to do with bubbly, and a very fine libation at that, you'd be correct. And if you're hoping that this might be your first bootcamp in a vineyard, complete with a tasting when all of the grunting and sweating wraps, well, you are right on point again. Brut-camp is the newest event jogging into Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley, a one-hour fitness-fest that involves "rope whips, kettlebell swings, and ball slams" right on the grounds of the elegant winery. Is this the first time you've handled a kettlebell in the vicinity of cuvée-making? We'll go out on a limb -- er, a vine -- and guess it just might be.

THE GRAND STAIRCASE: Not only will participants be out and about on the grounds and among the vines, but some exercise action'll go down on the Domaine Carneros grand staircase, too. It's a Monday through Friday deal, it's $175 to join, and you'll need to make an appointment (there are six people in each group). Keep in mind that the Sparkling Cool-Down not only involves the estate's celebrated sips but a selection of seasonal bites as well. Bootcamp, you've gone gourmet, in one truly sublime setting. Will all our future drills require a delicious drink and dining experience at the end? We might get spoiled.

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