Cambria Christmas Market Tickets Go on Sale (Really)

It's winter in springtime for lovers of this quaint, seasonal to-do.

CHRISTMAS IN JULY... is totally a thing, and proceeding through the seventh month on the calendar without coming across a few yuletide-themed sales and quirky shorts-and-sweaters events doesn't seem quite possible nowadays. But what happens when Christmas, or at least a quaint and loved happening very much themed to Christmas, twinkles into view a few months ahead of July? We haven't even broken out our Santa swimsuit or our elf-cute flip-flops yet, frankly. But we must do so at once, in April, now that tickets have gone on sale for the...

CAMBRIA CHRISTMAS MARKET: Correct, this is the December-sweet event that takes place over several evenings in the Pacific-snug coastal burg. Sipping a warm beverage, shopping for interesting gifts, or simply taking in the sparkle of the cheer-filled spot after the sun goes down? These are among the favorite to-dos of those who visit. And those who visit, regularly, just might line up those tickets for the night, or nights, they'd like to attend, as this is quite the popular fa, la, la lark. How much is an admission? It depends on the date you select, but plan on paying anywhere from ten bucks to $25 as Christmas draws closer. The final date of the market is Dec. 23, but you can get an early start, near Thanksgiving, by attending opening night, which is Nov. 23. Or both? Do you want to do both? Keeping close to quiet and quaint Cambria during the hectic holiday season seems like a dream of a plan.

WHAT'S TO SEE... at the Cambria Christmas Market and, perhaps as importantly, what to munch upon? Breads and goodies and Glühwein are some of the noshables, while gifty vendors sell everything from handmade scarves to cool jewelry to fragrant soaps to artworks aplenty. Unique things, in short, perfect for gifting/keeping (so, yeah, perfect all around). Best talk with your crew or special BFF, decide the day you'll go Cambria in late November or December 2018, then alight on your tickets now, while spring is fresh and the first jingle bells of Christmas are far in the distance (but, yes, detectable).

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