Centennial Year: Happy 100th, Walnut Creek

The town marks a century with a vintage cocktail party (and more).

THERE SHOULD BE A LAW: Plenty of municipalities have books upon books stuffed with important regulations and rules and addendums and suggestions and methods for running a community. Vital stuff, all, and we applaud those civil servants who tend to our villages and cities and megalopolises, truly. But where is the firmly followed rule that says if a city makes it to a milestone, then that milestone should be feted and honored in all the ways? Many a town has crossed the 100-year mark -- and even the thousand-year mark, too -- but the party hats and streamers too often stay on the shelf. Getting to that point, though, is a major deal, as anybody who has ever worked for a city -- or lived in one -- knows, especially since day-to-day existence can be a challenge. Walnut Creek gets this, the fact that a centennial is indeed a big deal, and that a whole year might be given over to that honor. Oh, and look at that: 2014 is Walnut Creek's 100th anniversary year, and the to-dos are set to unfurl.

INCLUDING... a zazzy opening party called Flappers & Flasks. Yep, Walnut Creek started a few years before the 1920s, but this is an "early-1900s speakeasy" affair, so maybe lean your style of dress to the 1910s. But if whooping it up, cocktail-style, isn't your deal, take heart, Walnut Creek fan; a Centennial Heritage Day at Borges Ranch in May and a birthday party at Shadelands Ranch in the fall are part of the 100-year celebration. Oh, and the Flappers & Flasks to-do? That rolls on Friday, Jan. 24 at the Lesher Center for the Arts.

MORE 100th GOODNESS: To get all the centennial haps for the pretty city, follow this site here.

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