Cluck Cluck: Free Farm Tours in Sonoma County

Visit a number of agra-destinations, including a few that aren't usually open to the public.

THE LAST WEEKEND OF APRIL... is like a poem that's taken on the form of time, what with all of its buds and blooms and buzzy things and our desire to toodle about and romp (toodling about and romping both seem to be in shorter supply come the winter). How, though, to best embrace all of the sprightly moment's many gifts, and to connect with the literal flowering of the world that's going on, lavishly, beyond our doors? By finding our way to a place that puts the focus on growth, and nature, and wee fuzzy animals, and the creation of good things to eat is one great option. A farm is the spot to see such wonders, and that a number of farms along the Sonoma County Farm Trails take a couple of days each spring to welcome visitors is as bright a prospect as a blue sky on a breezy April afternoon. That there is no admission further ups the general floweriness of the fun, and that some of the places aren't typically open to the public only enhances the behind-the-scenes-y quality of the weekend. That weekend in 2018 is...

APRIL 28 AND 29, and a host of locations will honor "seasonal renewal" and the joy of discovery during Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies. That's the name of the happening, and you can find all three as you wend among the green and bursting hills and valleys. Will you discover how cheese is made? Might you watch a sheep shearing session? Both are possibilities. Can you hike "stunning ranch land" and chat up a beekeeper? So much yup. Should you register for the free spring tour? You should, if you want "... a list of participating destinations & an online map." You'll do the driving, or your pal will, and it is recommended to pack a cooler, should you want to store some of the creamy, yummy goodies you buy along the way. Is this the place where we give a hearty "baaa" and a happy "bleat"? It is: Baaa and bleat, which, of course, means "happy exploring" to those adventurers who dig spring, nature, farms, honey, cheeses, and knowing more about where both delish food and fluffy babies begin.

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