Creativity + Nature: hitRECord + NPS

The art-making group is behind a colorful postcard book, hats, and other 100th birthday stuff.

CREATIVE JOLT: While we often turn to our national parks to find peace, and some introspection, and a path out of the day-to-day hubbub we all deal with, it isn't all that unusual for something else to work its way in, something exciting: a creative jolt. One minute you're hiking along, letting your mind be still, and suddenly you come upon a valley, one that absolutely needs to be photographed. Discovering peace, and making pieces of art, aren't mutually exclusive when one visits a natural setting, and balancing the two adds verve to any adventure. The National Park Service and National Park Foundation recently called upon that art-nature connection as a vibrant way to celebrate the upcoming centennial of the service. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hitRECord, a "collaborative production company" that is behind live events, concerts, film projects, and more, partnered with both the NPS and NPF to mark the centennial of the service via an array of art-cool goodies. Yep, the...

COLORING BOOK... gained noticed when it was first introduced early in the project, but there are other items, too, from a "Find Your Park" hat to a "Find Your Park" tote (each well-designed, with the bag boasting an illustration inspired by wood-etchings) to a postcard book filled with mixed media images, pictures all inspired by our national parks. There are 15 cards in all, depicting the Grand Canyon National Park, the Statue of Liberty, and more NPS classics in hue-saturated, offbeat-fun form. If you, too, find the creative jolt in nature, and you want to support the NPS centennial in a tote-rocking, postcard-sending way, stop by the National Park Foundation store to check out hitRECord's effervescent interpretations on what the NPS, and its 100th birthday, means to all of us.

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