Fa, La, La Your Way to This Ventura Caroling Cruise

Board an Island Packers boat for this wonderful evening on the waves.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS... admired while on foot? "Fabulous" is one word that springs to merry mind. Blinking bulbs seen from the backseat of a slow-moving car? You'll probably "ooh" and "ahh" a few times, along with the other people in the vehicle. But seasonal illumination spotted from the deck of a boat? That feels like it belongs in its own mood-lifting category. For while the lights are the same (think LEDs, glowing displays, and such), the water surrounding the boat has a wonderfully consistent way of playing a mirror of sorts, giving viewers a double dose of dazzling delight. Ever been on a harbor cruise that's devoted to yuletide sights? Here's a chance to break out the ol' bucket list and cross an item off in your holiday category. For...

ISLAND PACKERS, that well-known on-the-water company that carries travelers, adventurers, and nature-loving lookie-loos out to the glorious Channel Islands, will once again offer Holiday Harbor Cruises around Ventura Harbor. The dates for 2019 run from Dec. 7 through 23, on select nights, so be sure to peruse the schedule before making for the picturesque slice of coastal charm. There shall be caroling, on a boat, which seems like two lovely things that should pair-up more often, and the vessel will visit some marinas, as well as the Ventura Keys, all to check out what people are doing to dress up their boats and on-shore homes this year. Tickets? They're $16 each for an adult, $13 for seniors, and $10 per child. And something to consider? The Parade of Lights will sail on Dec. 13 and 14, should you want to book your spot now.

SEARCHING FOR A FRESH WAY... to greet the season? Here's where you can enjoy the glimmer of lights twice, once as you spy them in the distance, and a second time, simultaneously, if the nighttime water catches the colors and twinkle in the fetching way that reflective surfaces do.

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