Fast Forward Sacramento

Adore Tower Bridge, the Capitol, and other stately treats? Watch and be delighted.

Justin Majeczky

NEW TOURISM POLICY: Those intrepid souls who work to draw visitors to their town or city generally have very full plates, and we do doff our cap politely in their direction. You have to present your municipality's finer points, with flair and fun, and you have to do so in mere seconds lest attention is lost. That's challenging in a world of TL;DR, even a basic brochure might be summarily glanced at and then left in a hotel room. Do these go-go-go, all-the-info-all-the-time times explain the rise in the arty and excellent timelapse video? Those videos that focus on a single region or place? Perhaps. Perhaps its also technology steadily improving, day by day.

VIDEO MAVEN... Justin Majeczky had another reason for making his terrific valentine to our state's busy capital city: He's a newbie, or was a couple of years ago, and a short, sped-up film was an ideal way to get to know the historic area and the government buildings and the delta and Tower Bridge. (Seriously, though, Tower Bridge by night; is there not something rather mythic and storybook about its great golden-glow presence?)

"Over 20,000 individual photographs and 18 months of hard work" are behind the timelapse eye-feast, says the filmmaker. Think you might spy your favorite Sacramento must-visit? Watch on, capital fans, and be sure to ooh and aah over a certain golden-glow bridge. 

Sacramento Timelapse from Justin Majeczky on Vimeo.

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