Feast Well at Feast Mendocino!

Did you love the Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival? This is it, with a fresh handle and oodles of great vittles.

IF EVER A MONTH... was going to tuck a napkin inside its collar, and slowly read a menu, line after line, and ponder how various ingredients listed for various dishes dance together, it is November. It isn't as if we haven't dined out before the penultimate month of on the calendar arrives, it is just that eating-oriented affairs get a bit more serious and substantial in the stretch after Halloween but somewhere before Thanksgiving (or even Christmas). Deeper wines, richer and more complex meals, and opportunities to dig into heartier fare abound at multiple happenings around the state, with one of the majors popping up in...

MENDOCINO COUNTY: Feast Mendocino!, which was once known as the Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival, spreads out lavishly, and appetite-fulfilling-ly, over nine nom-able days. And it spreads out geographically, too, meaning you'll call on several sup-worthy spots around the county. The second of November, 2018, right through to Sunday the 10th are the dates you'll want to dally 'n dine around, and the events are plentiful and piquant. The Homebrew Festival, a shrub mixology class built around Thanksgiving dinner, at The Golden Pig, and chances to nosh upon wild mushroom bisque, "flavored soft chevre from Shamrock Artisan Chevre," and several other goodies.

TICKETS? You'll want to book and/or research what you'd like to do, and if you plan on attending Savour Mendocino at EcoTerra (which used to be the Solar Living Center), best land on your admission pronto. November is nigh and, with it, one of the food-front-iest festivities in the Golden State, a party that has fun times and fungi written all over it. Napkin well-tucked in the collar? Yes? Then click here.

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