Ferraris Vroom for Mountain View

Eye magnificent machines, all in one picturesque place.

SPYING A BEAUTIFUL HORSE BY A LAKE... is not all the unusual. In fact, that's very often where artists place horses, as a rule: By a shimmery body of water, with trees and hills nearby, the better to lend some contrast. There are artists, though, who do not work in paint or watercolor but rather in cars. And sometimes those vehicles also arrive with a horse, a very famous pony, and everyone who sees this pony knows the car in question: a Ferrari. Several of those horse logos shall be lake-close on Sunday, July 12, fronting the Ferraris belonging to members of the Ferrari Club of the America Pacific Region. It's time for the group's annual picnic, a summertime tradition, and, nope, they don't put their sandwiches and hampers in just any car. They arrive in the dream machines, autos that are lined up both for club members to see and any vehicle-obsessed lookie-loo who happens to be out at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View. The number of cars? They'll be in "the dozens" says a representative for the pretty body of water, and photos from past years show this will be the case, car people. Like a classic concours, the vehicles are lined up, fairly snugly, to make the looking easy, but unlike many concours there shall be only one make: A certain Italian luxury vroom-mobile straight out of Maranello. 

THE MAKE SHALL STAY TRUE... but models and years shall vary, so you'll see some wayback examples of the sports car and some more recent takes on the sleek lines and elegant interiors. As for the prancing pony? Well, that will be out in full force, on the cars, as every Ferrari fan knows, and there probably won't be too many actual prancing ponies in the vicinity of Shoreline Lake. But if you finish with your admiring and you still have a few fine hours of a Sunday afternoon ahead, there are recreational pleasures around the lake, from paddleboats to sailing to other on-the-lake and near-the-lake pursuits.

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