Find a ‘First Day Hike' to Start the New Year

Look for dozens of hikes to pop up in some 50 state parks around the Golden State.

100% HONESTY, without fibbing? Many people are looking to get out of the house, the office, the store, the you-name-it long before the first day of the year arrives. The reason for this isn't too difficult to untangle: A lot is being asked of us at the holidays, and while it certainly can be a time of come-together joy and deep delight, our to-do lists seem to grow a foot longer each day. This is why we begin to look longingly to various beaches, and canyon trails, and mountain peaks, and the sorts of under-the-sky places that are beyond the holiday hubbub. So while we're wishing that every harried person can feel a bit of that peace sooner than later, do keep an eye on the first day of 2019, when a beloved New Year's Day tradition returns. It's the...

FIRST DAY HIKES, a get-outdoors, get-breathing, get-moving event that is popping up in 50 state parks around California. There'll be "more than 60 hikes" to choose from, so it really will come down to what park you are close to (or will be at the time) and what sort of ramble you're feeling. Some of the choices listed include "(s)now hiking," "(v)isiting historic sites," "(w)alking on the beach," and other awesome picks. The participating parks include Calaveras Big Trees, Saddleback Butte, Angel Island, Malakoff Diggins, and several more spots. Be sure, once you pick your park, to note the specific trail and meet-up place.

OF COURSE, the First Day Hikes go nationwide come the first day of the year, a mighty nice thing, when you consider how humans benefit from being in nature, in so many ways. Isn't this a primo way to greet your resolutions, your inner thoughts, and the next 364 days beyond? Find your First Day Hike now, before 2019 rings the front bell.

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