Free Concerts at North Lake Tahoe

The pay-nothing summer series is revving up for a spirited, sound-packed run.

SUMMER AT THE LAKE: The ideal June, July, or August getaway tends to change from individual to individual, but plenty of vacationers share some eternal, and eternally pleasing, goals. Finding a little fresh air is key for many of us, as is some time spent in or next to water. A few interesting and "fun" meals would also be lovely, and the time to sleep in without a care in the world (or at least the everyday cares we typically face).

AS FOR MUSIC, live and in person? We want it on our trip and, if possible, we'd like it for free. There are numerous summertime tune festivals, and weekend-long, band-packed extravaganzas, but finding a series that's all about A) solid bands and B) lake-close entertainment and C) absolutely zero admission is a bit trickier. Unless, of course, you're making for North Lake Tahoe, where Concerts at Commons Beach, "North Lake Tahoe's largest free live music event," rocks on for several get-happy weeks. It has a presence within four months, too, with a small push into early September, so whenever you're heading up to the mountains over the summer might just be the right time for a show. Shows like...

DUSTBOWL REVIVAL, a twang-tastic act that opens the 2016 series on June 19, along with Sweetwater String Band. Mumbo Gumbo, Jellybread, Midtown Social, and Joy & Madness are just a few of the other bands that will fill up the Sunday afternoons of a North Lake Tahoe summer with dance-able, chill-out-able tuneage. Picnics are a-okay, or you can buy your vittles from a food purveyor there. And where is "there," exactly? Tahoe City, natch. So plan your water-close time, your vacation-style sleeping in, and your gratis music enjoyment, up the mountains and with a dollop of summer sound-styling on the side.

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