Garlic-Obsessed Artists, Your Moment Is Now

Have an idea for a super-duper Gilory Garlic Festival poster? Go for it.

GARLIC, as a food, a concept, and a lifestyle, can send even the average gourmand into fits of rhapsodic happiness. After all, there's no food that's quite like it, and comparing its flavor, its appearance, its hue, and its garlicky character to any other edible can be a fool's errand. That seems harsh, especially when garlic's BFF, the onion, is so often compared to it, but, dear garlic people of the world, you know what we're saying: There's only one thing that is garlic, and that is garlic, and that is the way the clove crumbles. So finding inspiration, of the artistic sort, in this singular and spicy icon feels like it might be rather, well, easy. Not to say that painting garlic, in all of its bulbous splendor, is a snap, but ultimately capturing its magnificence is something a lot of garlic-loving creative types are likely primed to do. 

IS THAT YOU? Hold onto your peelers, for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival poster is here. True, we're still about a half year out from the fiery fest, a late-July staple of the food party calendar, but that means the in-advance poster is very much needed. That's where you come in: The contest is on, the deadline is March 15, 2019, and the first place prize is $500. Plus? If you're chosen for first place, your entry will be "... reproduced as high-quality, limited-edition poster," which is just as cool as garlic is hot. And, yep, you'll get ten posters, along with "one of each souvenir item produced" featuring your gorgeous garlicky art.

INSPIRED? Suddenly eyeing that strand of bulbs hanging over the kitchen sink? Take a look at the 2018 poster, and the rules, before jumping into this piquant project. A piquant project that, yes, could result in the poster for one totally famous food festival.

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