Haunting Space: A Storied Monterey Restaurant

Restaurant 1833, inside the historic Stokes Adobe, has atmosphere to spare.

THERE ARE RESTAURANTS... that break out the distressed wood and weathered tiles and hammered copper sheets, all in the hopes of lending a semi-new structure the patina of time. It often works, too, and you're charmed by the result. But even the most divinely distressed space can't quite match the eatery that occupies a centuries-old building that has seen some stories, some characters, and, just perhaps, a phantom or two. Enter Restaurant 1833, a Monterey favorite that has been around for a few years, though the same cannot be said of its handsome setting, the historic Stokes Adobe. There's no "few" about it: The Stokes Adobe can be traced back to 1833, hence the year in the eatery's history-homaging name. And when you've got nearly two centuries under your belt, and a long-ago tenant who was a true rapscallion of a dubious nature (he posed as a doctor), you've got some seriously potent tales brimming at the edges of your building. Thank goodness the weathered, leather-and-metal menus also brim with bespoke, top-shelf cocktails, the better to sip as you keep an eye out for any possible spirits at play around the nook-filled, low-lit, room-wending eatery.

THOSE COCKTAILS INCLUDE... the rummy, kirsch-cool Dark Forest and One Last Vegas Memory, which rocks the Four Roses Bourbon, among other zesty flavors. The libations come under the old-timey heading of "House Remedies," by the by, furthering the 1833-ness of the setting. The cuisine side of the eat-it-want-it equation boasts Buffalo Style Sweetbreads, English Pea Soup, and the tony 1833 Burger, a fancy patty that's topped with quality cukes and quality tomato confit and comes with sauerkraut-dusted steak fries on the side. Think New American with some "Bay seasoning" -- not the traditional Old Bay Seasoning, of course, but rather that special Monterey-style localness that includes good produce and fine meats. Is it that slightly salty morning fog that make Monterey-made eats especially scrumptious? We'll vote on the side of yes.

BUT WILL YOU SEE A GHOST? That depends. Autumn is the ideal time to sit outside Restaurant 1833 and sip a Torrid Affair (hello, Sombra Mezcal + more) on the expansive patio, a patio enhanced by fire pits and turned-down bulbs and the towering oak, palm, and redwood trees that dot the property. What have those stately shrubs seen throughout the ages? A spirit or two? They've definitely noticed couples and friends below, sharing a bottle of wine and a few ghost stories outside one of Monterey's most storybook-worthy settings.

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