I Heart Parks: Get the Guide

Sunsets, waterfalls, views: Find where to take your love in a national park.

IF YOU EVER WATCH... dreamy historic miniseries -- and they're rather popular, so we expect you have, at some point -- the most swoony moments never come in a stuffy drawing room or one of those long, looooong dining room tables that signify a family is terribly formal and stiff-upper-lippy. Rather, the swoon arrives under a leafy oak or in a garden overflowing with jasmine. Yep, nature is the prime setting for the sharing of feelings, and not simply because it is visual and camera-ready. Our emotions, when in love, are as big as the sky and land, so professing this, under the sky and in a big land, is the natural turn of things.

THIS MUST BE WHY... there's been a merry movement, of sorts, to talk about the national parks and where the most romantic, proposal-worthy spots are located. Waterfalls and magnificent rocks that overlook canyons are popular, yes, and meadows, and pools... Well, okay. There isn't a bad spot to talk tenderness within our parks. But should you need more assistance in this matter, the National Park Foundation can assist, via a new I Heart Parks guide.

THE GUIDE... details great date ideas within the parks system, and, nope, they're not all wild 'n natural ("Lady Liberty" is suggested as a fine go-out-together destination, and indeed she is). But places of "solitude and space" are recommended as well, in case you want the sky-big-as-your-feelings spot. And the easy-pease-iest end of this whole deal? The guide can be downloaded. Whether you've got proposin' on your mind or just a sweet weekend getaway -- and goodness knows we're all in need of those, all of the time -- stop one is downloading the I Heart Parks guide. It's free. 

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