Ingleside Inn's Chic Roomside Martini Service

This twist on room service comes with, yes, a twist.

PALM SPRINGS... has been in your vacation dreams for weeks, and you've finally toodled your way to the sunny clime, and you've found yourself at the elegant Ingleside Inn, and while the thought of beginning your getaway with something cold served in a tall glass appeals, you can't bear the thought of getting out of your comfies and leaving your comfy room. For heading to a bar? That requires, yes, a bit of a spruce-up, all in all. But what if you could summon some spirited refreshment to your room, and it could be the sort of cool-down sip that has become synonymous with Palm Springs-style soirées? That can happen, at the...

INGLESIDE INN, where there is a twist on room service, a twist that includes an actual twist. Or olives, if you prefer those, and, indeed, we are making our way to the topic of martinis. For the destination can deliver a cocktail cart complete with all of the martini makings to your stay-over spot for the night, and a very nice staff member who can make the martini you desire. Surprised? Probably not, since you know that the inn has been a favorite of movie stars for decades (Elizabeth Taylor frequented the inn, as did Frank Sinatra, Greta Garbo, and other desert-loving celebrities). It's the...

ROOMSIDE MARTINI SERVICE... we're rhapsodizing over, and it is available daily at the inn from 4 to 6 in the early evening. Can you choose vodka or gin? You can. Can you go dirty or straight-up? Of course. What's the price? It's $16. Should you choose a half-hour window during the service, and expect the cart to roll up during those 30 minutes? That's how this tempting amenity works, yes. For other details on this oh-so-Palm-Springs-ian amenity, contact the always cool (in pool, in martini, in vibe) Ingleside Inn.

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