Inspiration Abounds: Napa Valley's Arts in April

Where to even start? The region'll bloom with gallery happenings, wine tastings, and creatively minded must-dos.

TIME, PLANNING, DREAMS, GO: If you could devote like five different walls in your home to a number of maps (both the larger county-big maps and more detailed neighborhood grids) and articles (the kind that sing the praises of a winery or gallery) and photographs seen in magazines, you might be fully prepared to set your itinerary for Arts in April. The yearly happening spreads out, with style and chardonnay-splashy dash, across Napa Valley, in several towns and locations, over the full month, meaning, yeah: Your inspiration board should probably take up about five full-sized walls. But if you only have a day or afternoon to delve into this lovely line-up of creative-cool happenings flowing throughout the fourth month, fret not: That's plenty, and it should still keep your planning toteboard quite full (so, no, you don't need to devote five walls, we were only dreaming big on your behalf). April 2018 is just ahead, however, so get to deciding now where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see. Easy? Doable? Yes.

AS FOR SOME TEMPTING EVENTS? Well, frankly, they're all pretty darn tempting, but consider an Art of Seeing: A Photography Experience in Napa Valley on April 1, a Sterling Vineyards art event on April 2, Arts in the Streets in St. Helena on April 14, a Yountville celebration on April 28, and, oh, gosh. Here's the list. Peruse, peruse, and get a little lost on what you'd like to include on your inspiration board, or your travel app, or in your bullet journal, or all three. For planning a weekend trip takes some time, but planning to revel in the arts, all month long, in one of the great wine-and-art areas found, well, anywhere? Maybe clearing out five walls for a host of maps, itineraries, photos, and more is not such a silly notion.

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