LEGOLAND New: ‘Force Awakens' Display

The new Miniland Model Display's Finalizer is a wowza 16 feet in length.

HOW'S YOUR HYPERDRIVE WORKING? If it is in tip-top shape, and you've been patching it up on the regular, then you can swiftly cross great swaths of the deepest cosmos faster than a Tauntaun can flick its tail at a bothersome snowflake (or even faster). But if your hyperdrive system has taken a few bumps lately, and it's making a curious whirrring noise, well... speeding to the other side of the galaxy may be a mite challenging. Thank goodness, then, that Carlsbad happens to be closer than the other side of the galaxy. It's right here in California, and within Carlsbad is LEGOLAND California Resort, and with the land o' LEGO bricks there happens to be a new Miniland Model Display based on "The Force Awakens." The breath-taker-awayer in this impressive addition? There are many "look at that!" elements, but the...

16-FOOT-LONG FINALIZER... has been catching many an eye since its March debut. The sizable Star Destroyer — it carried Kylo Ren, you surely recall — includes 350,000 bricks, and poring over every carefully considered detail will keep a Force fan busy for awhile. But be sure to make time to spy the half dozen " brick-built Miniland scenes..." from the 2015 film, as well as a host of characters (no doubt about it, BB-8 is in the house, or, er, the theme park). There are other "Star Wars"-cool sights around Miniland, as well as a host of other must-sees like San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Southern California, and the Block of Fame. After spending some time studying the Star Destroyer, finding the next brick-mazing build is likely just a few steps away from wherever you happen to currently be.

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