Lindsay Wildlife Experience: Summer 2017 Fun

Meet a porcupine, learn about hawks, and love upon nature, in Walnut Creek.

IT'S NOT UNCOMMON... to want to connect with the natural world when the weather shakes off its dampness and general wintry chill. In fact, summer and wilderness are a tight twosome, as tight as a porcupine and his quills or an owl and her feathers. How we venture out, into the woods or mountains or valleys, and how we enjoy what we observe there is as prism-filled as a drop of stream water, and there's no single path to take. But one path many families do walk, when June arrives, is a route that involves an acclaimed animal hospital that treats a host of wild animals for a host of ailments. The Lindsay Wildlife Experience isn't just a recuperation spot for beasties who've come in with a bump or two, however; it is an education-focused destination, one that helps kids, and adults, too, discover more about the worlds of the critters who truly live, in some cases, just beyond our yards and front doors. And the...

SUMMER 2017 SCHEDULE... is out, with plenty of lively, porcupine-a-riffic doings ahead. Oh, did we say "porcupine-a-riffic" just then? In fact we did, because visitors will be able to meet Penelope, the North American porcupine who calls the Walnut Creek animal center home. You can also call upon the Raptor Redwood Grove to admire owls and hawks, and become acquainted with an eagle, and learn more about the on-site hospital (and just what animals are currently under care there, and why). And at 2:30 in the afternoon? It's Flight School, meaning the feathery ambassadors of Lindsay Wildlife Experience will do a bit of soaring for spectators. Everything has a particular time of day — the porcupine-a-riffic doings are up first, at 10:30 a.m. — so study the schedule before heading out, on a path, to the Walnut Creek wildlife-loving location. As for the summer schedule start date? It's Tuesday, June 13.

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