Majestic Bird Awe: Snow Goose Festival in Chico

Look up, in joy, at this winter-wonderful gathering that celebrates the Pacific Flyway.

IF YOU'RE RETURNING TO THE OFFICE... after a holiday break, you are likely back on the usual route you've taken many times before. But we humans aren't the only ones with maps we stick to with a regularity that impresses; animals of the water, land, and air also follow tried-true-and-taken paths. Of course, the paths observed by whales and Monarch butterflies and a host of beakly beauties of the sky are rather more ancient than the ones we mapped out for our day-to-day office journeys. And if we can take a break from that particular office journey to observe the journeys found in the wild? The gifts are plentiful of such time away, including the fact that connecting with nature's old rhythms has a way of renewing our own enthusiasm for our journeys, both to the office and in the grander, life-arc sense. Are you ready to dip into the Pacific Flyway, and the wintertime visitors that call upon it? Then turn...

YOUR GAZE TO CHICO, and the 2018 Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway, where you can "Experience the Sights, Sounds & Wonders of Birds..." in myriad ways. Those ways include field trips (Up the Creek with a Pair of Binoculars tempts) and workshops (sign us up for The Life of the Rough-legged Hawk) and art exhibits and a whole caboodle of pay-nothing events like a Live Raptor Experience and a chance to meet Smokey the Bear. Wednesday, Jan. 24 through Sunday, Jan. 28 are the dates, but don't wait on registering or deciding what you'd like to do. The Snow Goose Festival, which indeed celebrates snow-geesery but a host of other birddom, too, has many fans, an understandable thing as it has happily flapped for some 19 years now. Don't let your dream workshop fill up, and don't miss out on the field trip you want to take. Most of all, consider changing up your own daily route, or path, for a few days in late January 2018, all to get to know those fly-tastic superstars of the Pacific Flyway, one of the great feather-famous roads of the sky.


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