Mill Valley’s Gourmet Good Times

Over 60 wineries'll pour at the summer party's 33rd go-around.

Gary Ferber

60+ WINERIES: The first day of summer is actually the first weekend of summer in many a mind, and when June 21 doesn't fall on a weekend day, many of us resort to celebrating the first week of summer (or, even, the first fortnight). We want to stretch out our welcome for the most winsome of seasons, and we want to do so through the tried-and-true rituals of food, drink, and socializing. Did we say "tried-and-true"? Make that perfected-and-beloved. It so happens that Mill Valley is down with this notion, and has been for well over three decades. Why? The Mill Valley Market throws a foodie-fun feast come the very beginning of summer, one that summons strollers who want to sip local wines, try hand-crafted, crafty-cool beers, and eat from local restaurants. Oh, all while enjoying Mill Valley's Depot Plaza and some sunshine (if the sun plays nice). It's not a typical street fair, though, in that attendees should be 21-and-over, and there are tickets to eat and drink by. Cost? Those are $50 ahead of time and $60 once you get there. Oh, and as for the when? That's the day after the first day of summer: Sunday, June 22.

ON THE PLATES, IN THE GLASSES: Look for new vinos from spots like Balo Vineyards, chardonnays and pinots from Deovlet, and Melka Wines cabernets. Food purveyors will include Tony Tutto Pizza, Beth's Community Kitchen, and Pasta Pomodoro. As for the brews? Street Ales and Anderson Valley Brewing'll be some of the names on the taps. Yep, the summer street festival is a snacking-ready favorite when the sunniest of seasons arrives, and Mill Valley Market's party is no different. But it is: It's got a gourmet bent, and it is made for just the grown-ups, so call it a summertime done swanky. Yep, you can still wear something casual, a sundress or tank top, but plan on the fest leaning slightly posh-ier, wine-ier, and foodie-ier, too.

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