Monterey Bay Breathless: Breaching Humpbacks

The drone video, recorded in mid-April, captures the spectacular sight from above.

THERE'S NO PUNCH CARD... when it comes to the epic sights of nature, nor "collect all ten" sort of deal, nor bucket-list-y roster that demands we check everything off a rundown of amazing sights before we achieve the next nature-loving level. Wilderness-loving humans, and that's all of us, seek out our own ways to connect with animals and trees and the sky and the ocean, no punch card or "collect all ten" deal required. Still, though... Are there a few major nature experiences you'd love to witness, live, right there, just to stow in your heart forever? Yeah, probably, and that's a feeling shared by many. And many people are eager, at some point, to not only spy a whale but to see it breaching. This isn't to say that a fluke momentarily rising above the water line, or the powerful puff of a blowhole, aren't 100% epic, for they are. If you'd like some breach-tastic amazement, though, right here and now, check out the drone video from...

MONTEREY BAY WHALE WATCH, which features heart-thrilling humpback breaching from the middle of April 2017. Nancy Black, a marine biologist and owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, says that, at the moment, "...we estimate there are more than 60 humpback whales that just arrived in Monterey Bay for the start of feeding season. This is a relatively large number for this early in the season." What are these beautiful behemoths noshing on? Krill and "schooling fish... over the Monterey Bay submarine canyon." To see this breaching in action, the video is below, or make your way to the bay for a springtime whale-watching outing in person. May flukes, blowholes, and, fins crossed, a breach or two, be hallmarks of your trip.

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