Moonlight Kayak at Whiskeytown Lake

Follow a ranger out onto the expansive body of water as the evening deepens.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

RANGER-LED PROGRAMS... are part of the explore-more fabric of our national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. We like to leg it up to waterfalls, and through desert valleys, all the while learning interesting facts about local lizards and annual rainfall and unusual flora and the multitude of marvelous must-knows that rangers so wonderfully share with us, in clear and memorable take-home tidbits. But it isn't always a case of "leg it" at some of our state's most beautiful, protected play places; we sometimes "paddle it," too, as we follow a ranger's lead. One tempting example? Rather than a ranger walk, you can take a ranger kayak at Whiskeytown Lake at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. But here's the twist: While there's a delightful daytime kayak program available on the Ranger-Led Programs list, you can opt to sign up for a...

MOONLIGHT KAYAK... outing, one that allows kayakers to "(e)xperience the dramatic changes in the landscape as you explore Whiskeytown Lake by the light of the moon." It's free, so, yep, you can bet that all available slots do slip away in an instant, but here are a couple of things to note, per the info page: Cancellations do happen, number one, so you can request a spot on the waiting list. And two? Reservations open up, in the AM, two weeks ahead of the kayak night's date. There are some July, August, and September 2017 Moonlight Kayaks just ahead, so ponder if this different way to breathe in the wonders of Whiskeytown Lake might be something you'd like to try. There are "rules and requirements," of course, so eye everything before practicing your paddle grip and finding a friend for your Redding-close road trip.

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