Mother’s Day Weekend at Super-Rosy Garden

The Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg will welcome visitors for a small donation.

Russian River Rose Company

WHEN YOU WERE BUT A TOT, as in, just a wee thing, as in, probably yay-high, as in, around the age of a toddler, chances are good that a family member wanted to take a few snapshots of you in the backyard, playing on the grass in the sunshine. If there were roses nearby, you likely paused to sniff one, and then, the flash went off, and your mommy had her new favorite photo for her nightstand. Even if you never posed for the classic toddler-smelling-a-rose photograph — and it is never too late to do so, if you feel you missed out — spending a glorious day outside, away from it all, in a garden that shouldn't be described as "rosy" but rather "super-rosy," likely engenders some familial connection and memory. After all, yard time and picnic time and park time are among some of our first memories, and if those memories were woven with your mom, perhaps going back to such a spot, a super-rosy spot, on her big weekend is the thing to do.

THE RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY ROSE COMPANY... will be open on both Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14. Saturday is billed as "Prelude to Mother's Day" while Sunday is the "Mother's Day Open Garden." You and mom, for a $2 donation per person, will stroll among the 650 varieties of roses, stopping, surely, to enjoy each and every bloom at the lush Healdsburg destination. A complimentary self-guided tour map is part of your entry to the garden, which also has several smell-good-y things for sale, like rosewater made from the petals grown on-site. The super-rosy favorite does draw return guests on Mother's Day, and if you and your mom are looking to start up a fresh and fragrant tradition, this could be it. Follow the buds 'n blossoms to Healdsburg and more info now.

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