Nature-Close Cool: Redwood Mountain Faire

Make for the trees near Santa Cruz and this annual summer-starting jamboree.

IF A MOUNTAIN TRIP... is on your summer must-do list -- along with wearing flip-flops far more than shoes with laces, and trying the latest trendy version of sangria, and stretching out on a few grassy hillsides -- best know you don't have to put it off for too long. A fine 'n festive opportunity is just ahead, and while isn't high up in the peaks of the biggest mountains, it does take place in an easy-to-reach mountain-cool destination, one that has a whole huge group of redwoods to enjoy. (Aside: What's a grouping of redwoods called, in the tradition of animal collective names? Can we call such a group a "burl"?)

SO... where are those redwoods we reference, and when is the opportunity? It's on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, and the occasion is the Santa Cruz-close classic Redwood Mountain Faire. We say "Santa Cruz-close" but you'll want to head for Roaring Camp, which is just a hop and/or jump from Santa Cruz. And you'll want to wear your jamboree pants, for the Redwood Mountain Faire offers two days of...

AWESOME TUNEAGE: All the bands have their own vibe -- soul, funk, roots, Americana -- but just the act of enjoying the music under the sky and adjacent to the redwoods gives it an old-timey and oh-so-sweet sepia tone. So many mountain-charming crafts -- a Bigfoot-themed table has shown in the past -- and so many nostalgic activities, from bubble blowing to the making of art, are part of the weekend. And is there beer near? There is, and wine, too (you're in the right neck of the woods). All of this, by the by, helps local non-profits. Tickets? Here. The chance to call a grouping of redwoods a burl, as in "a burl of redwoods"? That's up to you, if you feel like that word works. A burl of redwoods. Yes. 

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