New at Pebble Beach: Fairway Cottage at The Lodge

The elegant addition to the property, which includes a pair of stand-alone cottages, opened in August 2017.

Sherman Chu

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'VE BEEN IN PEBBLE BEACH, at least in your heart, in recent days? Many a golf fan gets that exact sensation after spending time watching the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, a February stable along the sensational stretch of coast. Viewing all of that beauty, and those opportunities to take to some of the most celebrated greens anywhere, may prompt you to begin plotting your own Pebble Beach idyll, one that could be filled with friends, family, and some mornings spent on the fairway. Fairway One at The Lodge, which includes 38 guest rooms (and a pair of stand-alone cottages) at Pebble Beach Resorts, is one of the newest options in the area, having debuted in August 2017. The cottages' names? The Eastwood Cottage and The Palmer Cottage, which pay tribute, famously, to two famous board members at the resorts. Wet bars, large-screen televisions, and open kitchens are some of the features in the roomy abodes. If the idea of staying in an on-your-own structure, close to the greens, but also close to the resort action tempts, think about getting a golfing group together for a few days of Pebble Beach-style relaxation and play.

OTHER NEW HAPPENINGS... around Pebble Beach Resorts include "...a phased renovation of all 454 guest rooms at The Lodge, The Inn at Spanish Bay, and Casa Palmero, and subtle restorations to Pebble Beach Golf Links." And with all of this refreshing, it may surprise, though probably not, that Pebble Beach Resorts is heading into its grand centennial in 2019, a year that will bring an extra air of celebration to the already celebratory spot. To check out the still-new Fairway One at The Lodge, other updates to the ocean-close getaways, and what's coming up — hello, Pebble Beach Food & Wine — unhand that putter for a moment and spend a few moments dreaming of your next hole-in-one, some terrific food, and a premiere and luxury stay by some tip-top fairways.

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