Old Sac Goes Above Ground

TOUR TRIO: The curious and the adventurous have been going underneath Old Sacramento for about a month now -- the Old Sacramento Underground Tours opened for the season on April 2 -- and we can only imagine that, upon emerging in the sunshine, they want to see more. Appetites will be whetted and interests stoked for more information, more strange facts, more historic tidbits. Sunshine lovers, and those who want to take a tour but aren't into smaller, shadowier spaces, are in luck: Old Sacramento Above Ground tours are kicking off on Sunday, May 1.

GOLD RUSH LEGACY: Two weekend tours are starting up in Old Sac. The Sacramento City: California's Gold Rush Legacy Tour is pretty self-explanatory, and sounds like a must-add for the Gold Rush enthusiast's itinerary. And for the building buff? From Canvas to Brick: Old Sacramento Architectural Tour. Meaning that if you time it right, and you have sturdy shoes, you could take in three tours over a single weekend. Note that the above-ground tours are running through August, while the underground toodle is on through November. (Oh, and all tours are ticketed separately; best get cost and time info here.)

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