One Day, 85 Hours of Tunes: Santa Cruz Music Festival

Dozens of bands, singers, and comedians will perform.

Scissors for Lefty

A RIDDLE OF YORE: It sounds like an old-fashioned brain teaser, the kind of thought-twister that arrived on the back of a package of gum or on the second page of a comic book: How does one fit 85 hours of something into a day? A day, at least on this planet, is 24 hours, so stuffing in an additional 61 hours seems like a problem best left to the physicists (or the writers of brain-teasers on the back of packages of gum). But there's a way to do it, and those smarties behind the Santa Cruz Music Festival have the key: Spread those 85 hours of something over several venues. So, yes, a lot of stuff will happen concurrently, but, when all is said and done? All of those extra hours *can* fit in a day. That day happens to be Saturday, July 20.

WHICH WILL FEATURE... Over 90 artists rocking/jamming/grooving/warbling/joking/talking in some seven venues in and around downtown Santa Cruz. The venues? They include Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Rosie McCann's, and The Catalyst Club. The artists? They include music outfits like Scissors for Lefty, The Coup, and Geographers. Oh, and comedy and spoken word performers, too.

AND THE PRICE? Thirty bucks in advance but check it: Some venues will be free. "(M)ajor events" will require a wristband, so if you want to enjoy the headliner-y stuff, you'll need to pay. But not everything will require it. It's a nice mix, no? Free and not-free work well together in the arts. We know, not too profound, but we'd still like to see it on the back of a package of gum one day.

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