Opening: Nordic Center at Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area

Rent your cross-country skis, and more, while winter is still wintry.

SPRING CAN SLOWLY... slide in, as gentle as petals on a daisy do open, while summertime? It can enter our lives with a wave of gusty, dusty heat, from seemingly out of nowhere, when just yesterday the weather had been mild and damp. Autumn's leaves have a way of also turning brilliant colors in a rather meditative way, but winter? It might show up with a wallop of snow, in the mountains, at least, and suddenly you're skiing, and throwing snowballs, and surveying a glittery landscape. But that wintry wallop was a little late in coming over the 2017-2018 season, though arrive, it has, most certainly. Spoiler alert? We're typing this in March, and even if that late-arriving wallop was memorable, April and May have a way of getting downright flowery, which means snow can get downright melty. So making your way to the Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area, lickety-split, before the snow bids its adieu, is solid advice, if you like to cross-country ski. For...

THE NORDIC CENTER... will be opening on Friday, March 9, which means you can rent your cross-country skis, poles, and, yep, your boots, too, for an invigorating, breath-cold day out on a trail. Keep in mind that Alpine operations, as in downhill skiing, is still closed at the area, as is snow tubing. But if cross-country adventures are more your thing, you're in luck. And you don't need to be drawn to a pair of skis, either; snowshoes are for rent at the center, too. The Nordic Center will observe open days each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through April 1; check hours, and other important details, if you plan for a little wintry good-time-ing, in the Big Y, before that winter wallop fades away, softly, into springtime.

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