Pie-Eating Contest at the California State Fair

Consider yourself a blue-ribbon pie eater? Sacramento's your spot.

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HEADING TO A STATE FAIR? You're surely rhapsodizing to your fair-obsessed companions about all of the goodies you'll unabashedly gobble, from caramel-drizzled apples to caramel-drizzled apples covered in chopped peanuts to other caramel-drizzled items that may or may not involve apples and/or peanuts. The noshy choices can seem, if not endless, than edibly overwhelming, but fair goers are generally looking to go beyond merely being whelmed in the food department, so it is all good. Still, though, if you're going to focus on one foodstuff, it might as well be pie, that crusty-luscious fair classic, and you might as well gobble a lot of it, all in one sitting, at an old-school pie-eating contest. And such a contest is coming up at the...

CALIFORNIA STATE FAIR... on July 17. But, pie-ists, the pie's the limit, or, rather, the sky is, when it comes to all of the pleasures this very historic enterprise has to offer. There's the Military & Veteran Appreciation Day on July 19, a corn-dog eating contest on July 20 and 21, and cornhole championships on July 29. And the colorful, creative, and oh-so-quaint competitions are as plentiful as pies cooling on a sill, too, so count on admiring entries from California Youth Canning and Baking, California Homebrew, California Commercial Cheese, and California Crafts. A Golden Stater can truly go to this long-runner of a Californian come-together and behold so many talents on display from so many of their neighbors, near, nearer, and maybe even next door.

JULY 13 THROUGH 29... are the 2018 dates for the California State Fair, so best find your way to CalExpo for pies, tunes, cornhole, wine, animals, and all of the timeless pleasures of a storied state fair.

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