Ride for a Vaquero Celebration in the SYV

The benefit show and sale supports the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum.

ONE TRIP INTO THE SANTA YNEZ VALLEY... proves what horse-loving locals have long known: Equines, and the humans who adore them, and care for them, and work alongside them, are one of the hearts of the region. You can't move a few miles without finding another handsome ranch, and a herd of mane-marvelous animals on the property. And alongside those hoof-rocking stars? The vaqueros, one of the most historic and important callings found in this glorious Golden State. And, each year, the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum takes a celebration-packed weekend to honor these riders, and their many contributions, amazing skills, and enduring legacies, during the annual...

VAQUERO SHOW & SALE WEEKEND: That's trotting into Santa Ynez for three days of horsey happenings, including a Friday evening dinner (and pre-sale) that shines the spotlight on "the unique culture and equine skills of the California 'Vaquero' (cowboy)." The honoree? The Vaquero of the Year award will go to Charles "Tyke" Minetti. As far as the show and Western collectible sale, which which will roll on through the weekend, goes? A whole line-up of beautiful, hand-tooled, well-made goods, from bridles to reins to riatas to tack, will be for sale, while the chance to meet the craftspeople is part of the event, too. And other items, from Western art to wearables to jewelry to pieces for the home, will also be on the tables. Live equestrian demonstrations, performances by Baile de California Dance Ensemble, and more doings will be on the mane, er, main stage. 

TICKETS TO THE FRIDAY DINNER... are $150 each, while a one-day entry to the show & sale is five dollars. Saddle up and ride for more information at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum site. Oh yes, and we'll lasso this lovely thought before we go: Money raised from the vaquero-themed weekend, which gallops from Nov. 8-10, 2019, helps this marvelous, story-rich museum.

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