Sactown Weekend Excursions Ready to Toot-Toot

History, adventure, and a sense of wayback-a-tude are part of this warm-weather ride.

SMALL THINGS, at least in the springtime, seem to be the new things. We keep our peepers peeled for small buds popping through the ground, small petals showing on those buds, and all of the small and intriguing signs that the waking-up season has arrived. We're also cooing over little chicks, and other baby animals, for springtime is famously the time that they arrive in adorable droves. But there are some signs of the season that are far larger than a tiny blossom or a wee fuzzy critter hopping around the hay; there are modes of transport that also seem to yawn, and stretch, right when April begins. We're speaking of those...

WEEKEND EXCURSION TRAINS, the beautiful locomotives that brim with stories and characters and more history then can fit into a sizable caboose. For sure, some excursion trains around the Golden State observe a year-round schedule, or at least feature special outings built around the holidays. But if you'd like to go the "allll aboard" route in Sacramento, on a weekend, on the Sacramento Southern Railroad, then you'll want to keep those aforementioned peepers peeled for the first weekend of April 2019, when the...

PICTURESQUE TRAIN RIDES... begin again. Called "... the only train ride experience behind an authentic, historic locomotive in the Sacramento area," the adventure takes you by both the Sacramento River as well as the waterfront. What's up front, at the lead? It could be the Granite Rock No. 10, a "vintage steam locomotive," or a diesel locomotive (which has also logged a lot of decades). The weekend excursions will choo-choo through September 2019, and each lasts for about 45 minutes, for a total of six miles covered.

NEED TO CHOO-CHOO... by the site for more information on tickets, times, and everything? Here's where you start. As for the partners behind this memorable must-do, which is choo-choo-ing into its 36th season? California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum & Foundation, which tells a train buff that they're truly riding into history, at least for three quarters of an interesting hour.

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