Santa Cruz Beer Week

The California Beer Festival will cap a stein's worth of special events.


SEVEN DAYS, THEN A PARTY: There are a lot of culinary celebrations around the Golden State that last a week or so, but on that final day? Well, restaurants and bars take down the posters and the flyers and call it another year. A big capper of a party is more the exception than the rule (or the party comes at the week's kick-off). That's one quality that sets Santa Cruz's week of craft beer apart. Several local places'll be doing it up with specials and such for seven days and then the traveling, oh-so-huge California Beer Festival arrives in town on Saturday, Aug. 10 to send the whole shebang off. If only every tasty week-long to-do could sport such a capper on the end. Organizers of such things? Please take note.

THE WEEK: There's a little something doing each day. Catching our eye? Boulder Creek Brewery & Surfrider Cafe is hosting a "tap takeover" on Tuesday, Aug. 6. A few "special barrel-aged ales" will be offered on that day only, so if you're a Boulder Creek buff, this may be something to check out. Aptos St. BBQ will also hold a tap takeover on Wednesday, Aug. 7: Double DBA, Pivo Pils, and a number of other brews'll fill up the mugs.

THE FEST: It already made a stop in Marin earlier this summer; next up is Aptos Village Park on Aug. 10. You'll see 70+ brewhouses on the ground, all offering up sudsy samples. Music, eats, and the guy in the bear suit complete the picture. A ticket is $45. Can't make it? It turns for the south in September, visiting San Dimas and Ventura.

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