Savor Chowder Tastes & Tall Ships, at Ventura Harbor

The Ventura Harbor Village event will be both savory and shipful.

A BOWL, whether it is ceramic or made of bread, is on the small side. Still, it is can hold plenty of stew, enough to fill us up, which is why bowls are very good things in our lives. A ship, one that's especially tall? Spoiler alert: This is rather bigger than a bowl, and while we don't eat stew from it, we can admire it, from the shore, if it is sailing by and anchored somewhere in a harbor. Put some chowder in a bowl, and put those stunning ships close to where you're eating the chowder, and you have a truly sea-tastic day, the sort of outing that speaks of salty breezes and gull song and the briny magic of the Pacific. How, though, to find chowder-focused fun and snapshot-worthy ships of great size? You only need set sail for...

VENTURA HARBOR VILLAGE, on Sunday, Feb. 24. The midday merriment, which stretches in a savory fashion from 11 a.m to 3 o'clock, is all about celebrating "10 varieties of this heartwarming dish served seaside at Ventura Harbor Village restaurants." Taste Tickets, priced at $10 each, will be good for one four-ounce serving of chowder from a participating eatery. Those restaurants include Andria's Seafood Restaurant & Market, Boatyard Pub, and Brophy Bros. Restaurant & Clam Bar, plus a few others. Details? Tuck in our bib, grab your favorite chowder spoon, and slurp up the info now. And, of course, you already know this, surely, but it is worth mentioning anyhow: National Chowder Day is Feb. 25, making this event a pinch more celebratory.

AS FOR THE TALL SHIPS? The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will be in the village at that time, or, rather, just off-shore, upping the charm of the day. If you'd like to see them at another time, they'll be in the harbor from Feb. 12 to March 4, 2019.

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